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Technical writing (either in Tagalog or English, as per client request) usually of operation manuals, project concept papers and full proposals, feasibility studies, economic surveys, conference or seminar proceedings, accomplishment reports, and researches. Topics range from toxic military waste and its effects on humans, the Philippine environment, human rights, HIV/AIDS, child labor, gender, urban poverty, and industrial labor. In 1980, began by writing press releases for various organizations on issues of those days. Except for a UK-based volunteer non-government organization (NGO), clients are all Filipino.

Non-technical writing (either Tagalog or English) is my point of origin, although very few hire creative writers. Since 2002, work included book collaborations, issue primers (human rights both, for different sectors), organizational profiles and brochures, creative synthesis of a research on poverty, and proceedings of an international conference. In 2005-2007 and again in 2009-2010, also wrote articles on information technology for books on the topic, and press releases for the University of the Philippines (UP) Information Technology Development Center. More recently, have been writing newsletters for two non-government organizations.

Processing research findings, which involves statistical treatment and standard analytical methods, began in 1993, for Filipino clients (except for persistent UK-based volunteer NGO). Organizational summative evaluation researches (including one that covered all socio-economic programmes in the Philippines’ National Capital Region from 1971 until 1991), sectoral situationers, impact studies, marketing studies, economic surveys, feasibility studies, and programme evaluations in an external capacity (including the UK NGO). In 2001-2004, also hired to handle statistical aspect of various theses (masteral, doctoral) in such diverse fields as psychology, marketing, political science, ecotourism, and human resource management. More recently, focus has been on gender and development researches for various government agencies.

Editing publications (either Tagalog or English) since 1981, for press releases of UP-based organizations, then later the newsletter of one group in particular; for NGOs, work includes programme reports, newsletters, a literary anthology, proceedings of an international conference (the UK-based NGO again), and books. Since 2005, also began to accept jobs editing books for schools, notably on information and communications technology, and a 14-book set of modules for a postgraduate course on social work.

Layout and design of UP organizations’ press releases using stencils and mimeographing machines began in 1980; began to hire out professionally only starting 1993 for NGOs’ and individuals’ letters, reports, documents, brochures/IDs/calling cards/forms, newsletters, training and conference kits and tarpaulins as well as certificates and proceedings, operation manuals, and books (mostly for schools).

Presentation design using Lotus Freelance Graphics in 1994, shifted to Powerpoint because Lotus apparently discontinued its presentation software. Mostly organizational profiles, project concepts, research findings, conference proceedings and accomplishment reports, some organizations have sent my work to their funders as the preferred method of reporting.

Primary research (interviews, focus group discussions) since 1984 for sectoral or issue situations, performance / programme /thematic evaluation research and other researches, project concept or proposal development, feasibility studies, and press releases.

Secondary research (either Tagalog or English) on NGOs’ sectoral situation and/or specific issues since 1983, some for sheer profiling, others for use as project proposal background material. Same coverage of topics as listed in technical writing above.

Training since 1982, but on a volunteer basis, for UP organizations; began receiving honoraria in 1991 (once the sponsors were NGOs). The full list is given later in this document, but the range includes skills in business management, creative and technical writing, research (including feasibility study preparation), and gender sensitivity, aside from organizing, leadership and rather outdated political skills.

Administrative experience includes current part-time work as an international project’s Philippine administrator; previously, served as a Canadian-funded nationwide NGO’s information systems manager; administrative manager of the .ph domain name registrar’s office and its foundation; executive assistant at the regional NGO cited above; and began in 1988 as program administrative officer of an urban poor federation’s community organizing and training program.

Project management involved experiences as: a regional NGO’s volunteer program and its research projects; area coordination for city partners of an NGO specializing in disaster response and risk reduction; and began in 1989 as chief executive officer of an urban poor federation’s community organizing and training program.

Consultant work currently involves: supporting the establishment of a foundation mobilizing communities for environmental renewal; and guiding the establishment of another foundation for the rights and welfare of women and children in the municipality of Taytay in the province of Rizal. Previously, consultant work was program-specific: socio-economic, cooperative, or gender (earliest: 1994).