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Welcome to my home page!

Here, you'll find:
  • My resume, which grows longer every year;
  • Samples of my work;
  • Organizations that claim my weekends (and sometimes even the workweek);
  • My photos (nothing remarkable, I just like remembering my face!)

Would you like to come in?

That would be a sinister line if this weren't a dust mote on the world wide web. Since it is, though, you can go right back out at any time! - said the spider to the fly...

No need to be scared, though. I'm a somewhat respectable 49-year-old woman in the Philppines. I'm a greentrepreneur and a freelance translator, editor, statistician, layout artist, writer, and trainer. The order varies, depending on the opportunity I'm trying to capture. I try to be versatile.

So surf on in, click any tab that piques your curiosity. I pray my website offends no one...